The 10 Most in Demand Tech Roles in 2024

The 10 Most In Demand Tech Roles In 2024

The world is changing. It's not just about the tech anymore. It's all starting to feel a bit futuristic with Artificial Intelligence on its way too. The latest job postings promise vacancies for 9 out of 10 jobs that involve some tech role or an understanding of tech.

Technology has become increasingly important in every industry, and the demand for qualified tech professionals is only going to continue to grow. In fact, a recent study found that tech roles are expected to be one of the most in-demand professions by 2024.

With the rapid pace of change in the tech world, companies always need employees who can keep up with the latest trends and developments. Tech professionals who can stay ahead of the curve will be in high demand in future years. So here at Hedy, we list what we believe will be the most in-demand Tech roles in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to become one of the most in-demand job categories in 2024 and beyond. With advancements in generative AI, machine learning, and large language models, the demand for skilled AI professionals is skyrocketing across industries. Generative AI, with its ability to produce creative text formats, images, and music, is revolutionizing content creation and design, while machine learning, the cornerstone of AI, is driving innovation in healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Large language models, capable of human-quality text generation and natural language processing, are transforming customer service, chatbots, and virtual assistants. As AI permeates every aspect of our lives, the demand for AI experts will continue to surge, making AI careers highly sought-after and lucrative.

Information Security Analysts

In today's digital age, organisations of all sizes are collecting and storing an increasing amount of sensitive data. As a result, the need for information security analysts is growing. These professionals are responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures to protect an organisation's data. They also work to identify security risks and recommend solutions to mitigate those risks. In addition, information security analysts often play a crucial role in incident response efforts, working to minimise the damage caused by hacks or data breaches. With the ever-growing importance of data security, it's no surprise that the demand for information security analysts is rising.

Software Engineers

The demand for software engineers will remain high in 2024. The proliferation of tech roles in companies across industries has created a need for more workers with the skills to develop and maintain software applications. Tech roles are no longer limited to traditional Silicon Valley giants; nearly every company now relies on some form of technology, and many are looking to increase their investment in this area. As a result, they are actively recruiting software engineers to help them build and improve their products. In addition, the increasing popularity of open-source software projects has made it easier for talented engineers to showcase their skills and attract employer interest. Finally, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality have created new opportunities for software engineers to solve complex problems and create innovative applications. We anticipate a growth in Software Engineers with hyper-specialised skills becoming the most sought after.

Web Designer (UX/UI)

Website UX UI Design is popular in demand tech job for remote work in 2023

As anyone who has tried to use a complicated website knows, good design is essential! However good the tech is, providing a positive user experience is key to whether the tech will be used. People aren't to engage with it if it's hard to navigate. That is where the UX/UI designer comes in. They are responsible for creating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. They work closely with developers to create websites and apps that are easy to navigate and meet the users' needs. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for UX/UI designers as more and more businesses recognise the importance of good design. Apple's appeal has always been the intuitiveness of its product design. Tech roles such as UX/UI designer are some of the most popular jobs in the creative industries. We anticipate they will only become more in-demand in 2024.

Data Scientist

Big Data: that was the buzzword a few years ago. The reality is we are swimming in data. But data is only as good if it can be harnessed effectively. Data scientists are in high demand due to the growing importance of data in the modern world. Companies, not just tech companies, are increasingly relying on data to make decisions and drive growth, which has created a need for experts who can collect, analyse, and interpret all of this data. Data scientists are uniquely qualified to fill this role, thanks to their statistics, math, and programming skills. Good Data scientists can communicate effectively with technical and non-technical team members to impact change in an organisation. As a result, we think data scientists will remain a much sought after role next year.

Product Managers

As the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, so too does the role of the product manager. Expect demand for this to only increase in 2023. Companies are increasingly looking for candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage complex product development cycles. In addition, product managers are also responsible for creating and maintaining a product roadmap, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned with the company's vision. This role is only going to become more complex and demanding. They will need to think strategically and execute flawlessly. The modern Product Manager will need to juggle technical and business skills, allowing themselves to effectively communicate with both engineering and marketing teams. Managing stakeholder expectations and prioritising features based on market needs will also become must have skills in this role.

Automation / Machine Learning Engineer

Automation and machine learning are some of the hottest trends in the tech industry. We expect a growing demand for engineers who are skilled in these areas. Automation can help improve efficiency and accuracy in various tasks, from manufacturing to data entry. Machine learning, meanwhile, allows computers to learn from data and improve their performance over time. As a result, automation and machine learning are often used together to create more sophisticated algorithms and systems. With global economic headwinds growing, we think companies will be eager to adopt greater automation and machine learning to stay competitive.

Cloud Engineers

Cloud Engineer is one of the most in demand tech job for remote work in 2023

There are no clouds in the sky if you are a Cloud Engineer! Expect this tech role to remain as popular as ever in 2023. Cloud computing has become the norm, and businesses rely increasingly on cloud-based solutions to run their operations. The need for Cloud engineers responsible for designing, building, and maintaining cloud-based infrastructure is not disappearing anytime soon. However, we anticipate the most sought-after Cloud Engineers will be the ones who possess a unique combination of technical and business skills. The professionals that not only understand how to build and operate complex cloud environments but can also align those environments with business goals will become highly prized by companies.

Dev Ops Engineers

DevOps Engineers will remain uniquely positioned to help organisations transition to a cloud-based model. They have the expertise to design and implement the process and technical changes required to succeed in a cloud-based environment. Hand in hand with Cloud Engineers will be the Dev Ops Engineers, as they promote collaboration, communication, and integration between software developers and IT professionals.

Mobile Application Developers

Demand for well-designed and user-friendly apps remains strong. The increasing popularity of wearable and smart home devices has created even more opportunities for developers to create innovative apps. As the demand for mobile applications continues to grow as businesses of all types look to capitalise on the growing mobile market, Developers with the skills to create great apps will remain in high demand.

So, do you agree with our list? Are there any you think we've missed? Or do you think some roles shouldn't be on the list? We would love your feedback and to hear your thoughts on what you think the Top 10 Tech roles in 2024 will be.

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