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We help companies secure deep-vetted and highly qualified offshore developers.

Global tech hiring made simple

At Hedy, we specialize in offshore tech staff augmentation, connecting outstanding tech talent with businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Our services extend from advising global firms on identifying top talent to helping individuals secure their ideal positions.

Our developers have worked for some of the best companies in the world.

Our services

  • Hire individuals working from their own workspace

    Ideal for clients who prefer overseeing remote workers operating from home, allowing them to manage their own workspace, equipment, and internet setup.

  • Hire teams working from a managed workspace

    Ideal for clients who prefer individuals or teams to operate from a supervised workspace, where daily oversight, office infrastructure, equipment and facilities are provided.

For Companies

Deeply vetted software engineers

Our software developers and teams that have undergone multiple rounds of assessments and interviews for technical skills, emotional intelligence (EQ), communication, and cultural fit.

For Companies

Instant solutions for high demand roles

Hedy is industry-agnostic and has the capability to augment talent and teams across a wide spectrum of technologies, skills, tech stacks, experiences, and time zones.

For Talent

Fulfilling work with trusted companies

Explore exciting tech roles with Hedy at renowned companies worldwide. Join a vibrant global community and elevate your career to new heights.


  • 7,000+

    Hand picked & deeply vetted developers in our exclusive database & network.

  • 30%

    Representation of women in tech to ensure gender diversity and inclusion.

  • 70%

    Possible reduction in payroll and related operational costs.


What is Hedy?

Hedy is a remote hiring platform connecting companies with top-tier, deeply vetted software engineers from the sub-continent and Southeast Asia. For now we are focused intently on servicing the Australian market however we have global aspirations across the UK, Singapore, Middle East and more...

How it works?

The Hedy process is simple and effective.

1) You define the role: Craft the ideal job profile.

2) We invite you to Interview top candidates: Our rigorous vetting and assessment process ensures you only meet high quality engineers. We deeply vet technical skills, EQ & language.

3) Welcome your new team member: We handle contracts, compliance, payroll, and onboarding support to remove all the hassle and complexity from hiring abroad.

What are the benefits of engaging off-shore developers?

There is an immense shortage of tech talent across developed economies.

Hedy tackles this head on by providing clients direct access to the best, deeply vetted engineers across vast talent pools like Pakistan, Indonesia & The Philippines.

Slashing payroll costs (up to 70%) whilst rapidly scaling up tech capability.

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